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Air Gear Acekard skin

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This is an Air Gear skin for the Acekard (specifically AKAIO, but it should work on other Acekard firmware too).

The top screen background is lightly based on the Zelda skin. The bottom screen is entirely homemade. I have used Air Gear images from Google Images, and used Photoshop's Magic Wand and Eraser to remove all backgrounds on the pictures, leaving me with usable pictures of Ikki, Akito, and the Air Gear logo.

Please let me know if you find any flaws in the skin.

This skin is © Sven Slootweg (aka joepie91). You may freely use it for personal use (read: using it as an Acekard skin or to stare at on your computer screen). If you want to modify it, please ask/tell me first. I'd also like to see the end result :)

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