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Aero: Grass (with variations)

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Finished! If you have any comments or critique feel free to post in the section below.

If you want some different wallpapers to go with this skin, you can download my pre-resized 'Vista Wallpaper Pack'.

I've made some variations:

Aero: Fish School

Aero: Ultimate


-Re-did the top and bottom backgrounds, they now look much better
-Removed the white underlay (it was slowing Sakura down)
-Improved the blur effect slightly
-File cursor re-done

-All single slide icons finished
-Single line cursor done
-Changed skin slider from 'Open' to 'Apply'.

-Media player done
-Fixed the image viewer GUI

-Fixed a slight positioning error in the boot setup.

-Boot setup done
-Image viewer progress bar done
-Re-coloured image viewer gui.
-Bookmark save/load menu fixed
-LongTap icons added.

-Screensaver added
-Text reader recoloured
-Bookmark cursor added
-Reduced the blur under the file list.
-Clock done
-All double 'slide' icons done
-All single and double icons done.
-Progress bar done
-'GUI settings' backgrounds done.

-Fixed a misplacement of Launch_FileInfoFrame

-Initial Release

Change log ():
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