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A Princess Luna (MLP:FiM) skin for DSTT 1.0

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A skin i made for my TTDS, originally i decided it would be for personal use, but i now have decided to upload it. It's princess Luna from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is magic and i've pretty much re-skinned most of the things I thought didnt fit with the luna skin. If you have any MLP requests feel free to contact me!

Create a backup of your current skin
Place it in your ttmenu/ folder and when asked if you want to merge, click yes and overwrite all.

Just copy and paste your backup into your ttmenu/ folder. But why would you want to leave luna?

compliation and misc reskins: odominic

background top:

background bottom:

feel free to re-distribute this skin, as long as you credit the correct people!


Change log (1.0):
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