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Tales of Innocence Translation patch

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for more info and all release download

this is a patch for tales of innocence basic english translation.
current version at TOI-R02

to apply patch, copy your 'clean' Tales of Innocence rom into patch folder and then run patchme.bat.
newer patch release are accumulative, in other word, all patch release changes already included in the newest patch so it necessary to use a clean/unpatcher rom each time you wanna patch using a newer release.

Patch History :

- fix rom crash when Iria cast Aqua Edge and some other crash, for info and download see
haven't got time to re-upload here (sorry, i'll upload the new file here as soon as i can after school)

- header info revert to original state, hopefully fix intro movie crash on M3 Flashcart

-Item description, mainly on healing item

-TP cost cut down translate fix
-Decay abilities typo fix

-added Spell/Tech window submenu (Use, Enter, Remove)
-added inventory window submenu (Use, Throw/Remove)

-Style abilities name translation

-Main menu
-System submenu (Save, Load, etc)
-Library submenu (summary, monster book, etc)
-Status (ATK, Def, etc)
-Style name (Advance, Technic, etc)
-Option settings menu and it's description
-Weapon shop menu
-Customize weapon dialog
-Item shop menu
-Guild house menu
-Inn menu

Change log ():
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