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Super Robot Taisen K Project 2

This translation use Noitora's v3 patch, then continued by me.

What I've been translating untill Patch4b :
* Some pilots & mechas
* All skill parts & description
* All mecha parts & 99% description
* All spirits' description
* Some menus
* Some attacks

Download patcher :
Kaioshin's Xdelta UI :

How to patch :
1. Download the patch and xdeltaUI, extract them all (put in 1 folder)
2. Double click xdeltaUI
3. There are 3 boxes : Patch, Souce File, and Output File
4. Click "Open" beside Patch box, choose "srtk_patch4b.xdelta"
5. Click "Open" beside Source File, choose the ORIGINAL ROM of Super Robot Taisen K (I assume you already have it)
6. Click "..." beside Output File box, type in the name you want (e.g. SRT K-patched.nds)
7. Click "Patch", wait untill "File patched successfully"
8. Copy the patched rom (e.g. SRT K-patched.nds) into your microsd.
9. You can play it.

Change log ():
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