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Super Mario 64 DS (U) +12

It includes:
Infinite Health
Infinite Lives
Infinite Coins (Current Level)
Never Lose Cap (Mario, Wario, Luigi)
Have All Stars
Have All Coins
All Mini Games Unlocked
All Castle Doors Unlocked
Character Modifier (Hold Key Combo When Entering Door/Painting) -
Yoshi = L+R+Up
Wario = L+R+Left
Luigi = L+R+Right
Mario = L+R+Down
Size Modifier -
Big = L+R+A+Up
Huge = L+R+A+Down
Small = L+R+A+Right
Normal = L+R+A+Select
Paper Mario = L+R+A+B
Paper Mario 2 = L+R+A+Left

Apply the corresponding IPS patch(es) to the patched game to turn off the cheat(s) that you don't want.

comments from the uploader:
I used the "0056 - Super Mario 64 DS (U)(Trashman) ROM" and it worked

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