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Pokémon HackGold DS 4.4

- You'll be able to catch all 493 Pokémon in future versions.
- Trainers will be a lot stronger.
- You will need neither another friend nor GTS in order to evolve your Pokémon.
- Dream World abilities!

·Haunter -Lv.38-> Gengar
·Kadabra -Lv.35-> Alakazam
·Machoke -Lv.38-> Machamp
·Graveler -Lv.38-> Golem
·Onix -Lv.30-> Steelix
·Seadra -Lv.44-> Kingdra
·Scyther -Metal coat+Lv.up-> Scizor
·Poliwhirl -King's rock+Lv.up-> Politoed
·Slowpoke -King's rock+Lv.up-> Slowking
·Rhydon -Protector+Lv.up-> Rhyperior
·Porygon -Lv.25-> Porygon2
·Porygon2 -Dubious disc+Lv.up-> Porygon-Z
·Dusclops -Lv.55-> Dusknoir
·Magmar -Lv.46-> Magmortar
·Electabuzz -Lv.46-> Electivire
·Clamperl -DeepSeaScale+Lv.Up-> Gorebyss
·Clamperl -DeepSeaTooth+Lv.Up-> Huntail
·Magneton -Lv.42-> Magnezone
·Eevee -Leaf Stone-> Leafeon
·Eevee -Dawn Stone-> Glaceon
·Eevee -Shiny Stone-> Espeon
·Eevee -Dusk Stone-> Umbreon
·Nosepass -Lv.33-> Probopass

Change log (4.4):
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