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Pokémon Duodecuple Distribution 1.4

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Pokémon Duodecuple Distribution v1.4.1 "Skinless"
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- Multiple Wonder Cards in a single distro ROM
- Ignores date restrictions
- Automatically fixes Wonder Card checksums

How to generate a 12-distro ROM:
1. Put a clean Liberty Ticket distro ROM in the tools folder, name it wnw-y8kp.nds
2. In the tools folder, edit 12distro.asm and background.bmp to fit your needs
3. Fire up 12distro.bat and use option 1 to create a base 12-distro ROM
4. Extract Wonder Cards from other distro ROMs using option 2
5. Place all the Wonder Cards you want in the cards folder, name them XX.bin
6. Use option 3 to compile a 12-distro ROM with the cards you want

- Kingcom (ARMIPS)
- DarkFader (ndstool)
- cearn (grit)
- Yellow Wood Goblin (slot-1 read fix)

Change log (1.4):
- Changed the patcher
- Top screen background image support
- Added a whole bunch of new options to 12distro.asm such as menu position, text alignment, colors, etc.
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