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Pokemon Platinum Music Hack Complete

I am finally done, this patch contains every battle theme in the game.

This patch changes the battle theme played in trainer battles.

List of themes:
Rival Theme
Wild Theme
Trainer Theme (unpatch)
Gym Theme
Grunt Theme
Commander Theme
Boss Theme
Giratina Theme
Uixe/Azelf/Mesprit Theme
Elite 4 Theme
Champion Theme
Dialga/Palkia Theme
Ledgendary Theme
Regi Theme
Tycoon Theme
Arceus Theme

You can repatch the same ROM over and over to change theme.

The Patch works on wifi.

It also contains AR codes and various flash cart cheat files with the codes already added. These codes work like the patch, but the AR codes DO NOT work on wifi.

You may need WinRAR to uncompress the the .rar file this patch is compressed in.

WinRAR download:

Change log ():
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