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Pokemon Platinum: Enhanced Edition (New2)

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You can show your support for PPEE by putting this banner in your signature (or anywhere else): (http://) Thanks to MiKeMiTchi ![/b]

DSTT users with trouble, you might want to read this specific page:

Known but unconfirmed bugs (might not appear for everyone!):
* Entering contests not possible (crashes the game)
* When Nuzleaf evolves, the game crashes
* Sprite (and probably more?) glitches with Shiftry and Seedot
* Looker minor sprite glitch in Jubilife City
* Entering Wii number doesn't work?
* Rock Peak Ruins = black space only? If you encounter this bug, use Dig or the Escape Rope to get out there again. Sorry I have no idea how to fix this.

It is possible that I'll never fix these bugs due to lack of knowledge or time.

PLEASE READ THE README.txt AS WELL AS THE READ+PATCH.bat FILE! To prevent things going wrong, I advise anyone using a MD5 filesum checker.


Change log ():
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