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Pokémon Duodecuple Distribution v1.4.1 "Skinless"

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NOTE: This hack is no longer being actively developed, but you can still submit bug reports.

Victini's Liberty Ticket Distribution ROM, modified to support 12 Wonder Cards at once in all languages. Press Up/Down to select a Wonder Card and press A to distribute it. The menu names are taken from the Wonder Card files based on your DS's language setting.

- Multiple Wonder Cards in a single distro ROM
- Ignores date restrictions
- Automatically fixes Wonder Card checksums

How to generate a 12-distro ROM:
1. Put a clean Liberty Ticket distro ROM in the tools folder, name it ticket.nds
2. In the tools folder, edit options.asm to fit your needs (optional)
3. Fire up 12distro.bat and use option 1 to create a base 12-distro ROM
4. Extract Wonder Cards from other distro ROMs using option 2
5. Place all the Wonder Cards you want in the cards folder, name them XX.bin
6. Use option 3 to compile a 12-distro ROM with the cards you want

- Kingcom (ARMIPS)
- DarkFader (ndstool)
- cearn (grit)
- Yellow Wood Goblin (slot-1 read fix)

Change log (v1.4.1 "Skinless"):
- Liberty Ticket ROM should now be named ticket.nds.
- Settings placed in their own file, options.asm.
- Removed background image support; this seems to fix compatibility with a
whole bunch of flashcards.
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