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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Plus

Hi, everyone, I would like to introduce an old game of mine, both games been out for quite sometime, but I haven't really introduce them to other websites, beside romulation. Now, I decided to change that by showing it off on gbatemp.

These games are in patch files, meaning that you'll have to patch this to an freshly, clear extacted copy of Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl.

I even took the liberty to make a small, incomplete walkthrough of my game. Update will come in the future. Right now, I'm working on a Platinum Version of this hack.

...Oh, yeah, before I start with the walkthrough, let me get this off my chest. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Plus isn't actually a hack, I mainly focus on changin the Pokemon themselves. With new moveset, some pokemon types have been change or altered to my liking, making the game unpredictible and unsystematic. I've also slightly buffed up every Pokemon stats and changed a handfull of their special abilities.

The story, the events, the dialog (for now) Are all the same from the orignal game. Dialga is on Diamond and the other one's on Pearl.

I've succesfully edited every trainer on the game, ya know, with the exception of trainers who get stronger from the Vs. seeker rematches, I probably do that in the future. I also succesfully edited every pokemon that appear in the grass, the safari zone game, and honey tree...thing. If I had to make an estimate of how much I edited the pokemon that appear in the sea, I would give that probably a 65%.

Oh, before I forget, I also succesfully edited the pokemon that can be capture by the fishing rods...sorry, but magikarp and tentacool are still the only pokemon that can pulled by the old rod, but the good rod, the pokemon that are pulled by that are completely random.

Non-Native Legendary Pokemon can only be capture after defeating the elite four and champ. They can be found inside Turnback Cave, outside Stark Mountain, inside Stark Mountain, in random patches of grass within the 3 extra areas (surival, fight, resort) Inside Snowpoint Temple and last, but finally not least, Send Offspring (Grass and Water 'surfing';)

I also up-ed the gym leaders, rival, elite four and champ levels. I also think I up-ed the galatic commanders and boss level too, but it been along time since looked upon that.

Anywho, the levels of pokemon the elite four and champion uses are now between lv63-71. Their pokemon also hold items that are usually found during wifi battle. I also did this with the gym leaders too, but not with Roark, a little bit too early!

After you beat the game for the first time, the game get's extremely tough. The trainer's pokemon level's are ridiculously high, going to between lv68-71. And when you finally make it inside Stark Mountain, the trainer's pokemon level surpasses that of Cynthia. The wild Pokemon that appear inside there are also high...and Groudon live inside there too. And NO Buck's Pokemon don't help you...AT ALL, it's fainting every 24 secs even after I ampled it up to lv71!!!!!

:nds: Now, for the walkthrough! :nds:

Evolution Walkthrough
The evolution solution
Poliwhirl evolves into Poliwrath by being exposed to the Water Stone. (Some wild water type might hold water stones) It evolves into Politoed by holding the Splash Plate and leveling up in sun light.

Kadabra evolves into Alakazam by holding the Mind Plate and leveling up in sun light.

Machoke evolves into Machamp by holding the Fist Plate and leveling up in sun light.

Graveler evolves into Golem by holding the Earth Plate and leveling up in sun light.

Haunter evolves into Gengar by holding the Spooky Plate and leveling up in moon light.

Slowpoke still evolves into Slowbro at Lv 37, but evolves into Slowking by exposing it to the Water Stone.

Onix evolves into Steelix by leveling up inside Mt. Coronet, if was possible to do this inside Iron Island, trust me...It would be there instead of here.

Second verse, same as the first, Rhydon also evolves into Rhyperior by walking around and leveling up inside Mt. Coronet, and my opinion about the Iron Island thing remain the same.

Seadra evolves into Kingdra by exposing it to the luring effects of the Water Stone.

Scyther evolves into Scizor at Lv 42.

Electabuzz evolves into Electivire by exposing it to the Thunder Stone.

Magmar evolutionary condition is also similar to that of Electabuzz, just use the friggen Fire Stone on it, then presto, you have Magfatass.

Don't worry all of Eevee evolutionary conditions are still the same, so no sweating when catching one in Eterna Forest.

Porygon evolves into Porygon2 by successfully reaching Lv 38 and evolves into Porygon-Z by using the Dawn Stone on it.

Oh yeah, but I forget, Gligar evolves into Gliscor by different conditions, just let it learn the attack Slash and should evolves. The reason I did this is, because bout time you obtain a Razor Fang, you'll basically already done with the game.

Now, going straight to the Hoenn section, Kirla evolves into Gallade and Gardevior with two different conditions.

When a male Kirla reaches Lv 30 it will evolve into Gallade and when a female Kirla reaches Lv 30 it will respectively evolves into Gallade's counterpart, Gardevior...It's just that simple, there shouldn't be a Gardevior with nads walking around, that just WEIRD, so that why I changed it this way.

Just like in Ruby-Redux; Trapinch evolves into Vibrava at Lv 28 and into Flygon at Lv 40. I did that because Flygon is one of my favorite Pokemon.

On a strange twist of faith, Feebas evolves by showing it the Dawn Stone and awakening the poor thing inner beauty...or some crap like that.

Dusclops evolves into Dusknoir by exposing it to the Dusk Stone. Get it, Dusknoir...Dusk Stone...Alright, not funny.

Okay...Moving on...Snorunt still evolves the same way so don't catch a female Snorunt, level it up to 40 and expect it to evolve into Froslass...Because it won't, it'll just turn into Glalie.

Clamperl's condition is still the same as it was on Ruby-Redux, it evolves into both Huntail and Gorebyess, by respectively exposing them to either the sun or moon stone.

Now, let's foray straight to the Sinnoh Section, which won't be very long...Really.

Instead of the friendship crap, Budew evolves into Roselia at Lv 15, something the original programmers should of done.

Ya know, I was like real close into making male Combee evolve into Beedrill, but changed my mine at the last second...Think I should of went through with it. Female Combee still evolve into Vespiquen, however.

Ya know, I wasn't really never that fund of the friendship evolve thing, so I decided to make Chingling evolve into Chimecho with a moon stone.

Buneary evolves into Lopunny at Lv 30, so no more with the friendship crap.

Munchlax evolves into Snorlax, once reaching the Lv 30 mark.

Riolu evolves into Lucario on Lv 30, as well.

Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Azurill, Espeon, Umbreon Golbat and Togepi, all still evolve by friendship evolution

Now, the Diamond Plus/ Pearl Plus Gym Leader Walkthrough

Before I start I guess I should tell you that some of the pokemon the uses various depending on what version of the revamp you decide to patch.

Roark: Diamond Plus
Lv14 Onix
Lv14 Aron
Lv15 Cranidos

Roark: Pearl Plus
Lv14 Rhyhorn
Lv14 Aron
Lv15 Craindos

Not that much changed, right, well, basically every gym leader pokemon is swapped like this...

Gardenia: Diamond Plus
Lv21 Skiploom
Lv22 Leafeon
Lv24 Roserade

Gardenia: Pearl Plus
Lv21 Bayleef
Lv22 Leafeon
Lv24 Roserade

Maylene: Diamond Plus
Lv32 Riolu
Lv34 Heracross
Lv34 Lopunny
Lv35 Lucario

Maylene: Pearl Plus
Lv33 Farfetch'd (Why? Figure it out)
Lv33 Heracross
Lv34 Lopunny
Lv35 Lucario

Crasher Wake: Diamond Plus
Lv35 Gyarados
Lv35 Ludicolo
Lv36 Lanturn
Lv37 Floatzel
Lv38 Empoleon
Hmm...I like this team, I think I'll keep it the same.

Fantina: Diamond Plus
Lv41 Drifblim
Lv43 Gengar
Lv43 Mismagius
Lv44 Dusknoir
This team is unchange on Pearl Plus

Byron: Diamond Plus
Lv45 Bronzong
Lv44 Steelix
Lv46 Bastiodon
Lv48 Aggron

Byron: Pearl Plus
Lv45 Bronzong
Lv46 Skarmory
Lv46 Bastiodon
Lv48 Aggron

Candice: Diamond Plus
Lv52 Abomasnow
Lv50 Sneasel
Lv52 Walrein
Lv52 Glaceon
Lv53 Froslass

Candice: Pearl Plus
Lv51 Abomasnow
Lv52 Lapras
Lv52 Walrein
Lv52 Glaceon
Lv53 Froslass

Volkner: Diamond Plus
Lv56 Electabuzz
Lv57 Luxray
Lv58 Magnezone
Lv57 Raichu
Lv58 Jolteon
Lv59 Electivire (With Earthquake/Ice Punch...Think you can handle that? This applies to both Diamond/Pearl Plus)

Volkner: Pearl Plus
Lv56 Electabuzz
Lv58 Luxray
Lv56 Electrode
Lv58 Riachu
Lv58 Jolteon

The starter off of Diamond Plus The starter off of Pearl Plus
Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup Chikorita, Torchic, and Squirtle

The Rival off of Pearl Plus will always pick Totodile (Cuz I like Totodile)

Right now, I'm currently working on a Platinum Version of this, it should be ready...hopefully before the end of the year...I'm up to Gardenia now...I'm gonna try to add new dialog in this one, using thenewpoketext

Up next: The Galactic Battle Walkthrough, Rival Battle Encounter, Elite Four; Plus Cynthia Walkthrough, and Items Wild Pokemon hold

And now, today's walkthrough update

Yo, I'm back, with more walkthrough about my two games. Alright, I guess I start with the Galactic Battle Commanders/Boss battle encountering. I should first state that the Pokemon the Galactic Commanders use are the same on both Diamond Plus/Pearl Plus.

Galactic Battle Walkthrough

Battle 1: Vs Commander Mars
Lv14 Tangela
Lv15 Luxio
Lv17 Purugly

Battle 2: Vs Commander Mars
Lv48 Tangrowth
Lv47 Luxray
Lv46 Drapion
Lv49 Purugly

Battle 3: Vs Commander Mars
Lv55 Luxray
Lv56 Tangrowth
Lv54 Drapion
(She puts up Purugly?! Battle with Jupiter)

Battle 1: Vs Commander Jupiter
Lv21 Snorunt
Lv22 Mawile
Lv21 Poliwhirl
Lv23 Skuntank

Battle 2: Vs Commander Jupiter
Lv54 Poliwrath
Lv56 Froslass
Lv55 Skuntank
(This is when she teams up with Mars on Mt. Cornet)

Battle 1: Vs Commander Saturn
Lv44 Kadabra
Lv46 Lickitung
Lv46 Toxicroak
Lv47 Kangaskhan

Battle 2: Vs Commander Saturn
Lv51 Alakazam
Lv50 Kangaskhan
Lv49 Toxicroak
Lv52 Lickilicky
Lv50 Granbull

Battle 1: Vs Galactic Boss Cyrus (Diamond/Pearl Plus)
Lv50 Sneasel
Lv52 Ursaring
Lv53 Honchkrow
Lv52 Houndoom

Battle 2: Vs Galactic Boss Cyrus (Pearl Plus)
Lv57 Honchkrow
Lv56 Ursaring
Lv56 Magnezone
Lv56 Houndoom
Lv57 Weavile

Battle 2: Vs Galactic Boss Cyrus (Diamond Plus)
Lv57 Honchkrow
Lv56 Ursaring
Lv55 Probopass
Lv56 Houndoom
Lv57 Weavile

Wow, this walkthrough thing is sorta fun, I should of been wrote one along time ago...Moving on!

Before I start I should info youse guy that just like the gym leaders the Pokemon the Elite Four uses various on what game you picked, or whatever. Not every member have a new pokemon just...two.

Elite Four Walkthrough

Diamond/Pearl Plus: Aaron
Lv61 Ninjask
Lv62 Flygon
Lv61 Vespiquen
Lv62 Venomoth
Lv63 Armaldo

Diamond Plus: Bertha
Lv62 Camerupt
Lv64 Swampert
Lv63 Sandslash
Lv65 Rhyperior
Lv64 Hippowdon

Pearl Plus: Bertha
Lv62 Camerupt
Lv64 Swampert
Lv63 Claydol
Lv65 Rhyperior
Lv64 Hippowdon

Diamond Plus: Flint
Lv64 Ninetales
Lv65 Flareon
Lv65 Arcanine
Lv67 Magmortar
Lv66 Infernape

Pearl Plus: Flint
Lv64 Ninetales
Lv66 Flareon
Lv66 Arcanine
Lv67 Magmortar
Lv66 Blaziken

Diamond Plus: Lucian
Lv65 Grumpig
Lv67 Espeon
Lv67 Metagross
Lv66 Starmie
Lv68 Gallade

Pearl Plus: Lucian
Lv66 Grumpig
Lv68 Espeon
Lv66 Metagross
Lv67 Slowking
Lv69 Gallade

Diamond/Pearl Plus: Sinnoh Region Champion: Cynthia
Lv68 Spiritomb
Lv70 Togekiss
Lv70 Umbreon
Lv69 Porygon-Z
Lv70 Gardevoir
Lv71 Garchomp

Can't find the Plates needed to make your Pokemon Evolve? Well, here's a list of EVERY PLATE location NEEDED to achieve evolution.

The Earth Plate can be found inside Oreburgh Gate.
Go north up the path, then follow around and take the stairs to the basement. Surf to the far left of the cave and use Strength to get to the Poké Ball.

Requires Rock Smash, Surf and Strength to reach

The Fist Plate can be found on Route 215
Check your map for the exact location, it's inside a Poké Ball near the left side of the route.

Requires Cut to reach

The Mind Plate can be found inside Solaceon Ruin
Just go to the Seventh (Last) Floor, and you'll find it sealed inside a Pokeball, along side some other PokeBalls.

No HM(s) needed to reach this Plate

The Spooky Plate can be found within the Amity Square (D/P area)
It's located inside or next to one of the stone houses on the eastern side of the park...Good luck finding it!

No HM(s) needed to reach this Plate, just a cute Pokemon, like Buneary or Pikachu...

All credit goes to Bulbapedia, that's where I got this information from...Hope you're ALL happy now!

Don't worry, I don't plan to make a habit outta this...

That's it for now, until next time...LATER! :yayds:

...Well, I guess that's it for now. Bye-Bye!!!!!

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