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POkemon Deathly Diamond

This is my first ever hack so it may be glitchy;
You Can Now Catch All 493 Pokemon In Certain Areas;
The Starter Pokemon Are Now Squirtle,Treecko, Cyndaquil;
The Sprites Have Been Changed;
You Can Get The Membercard, Azure flute And Oak's Letter with in-game trading;
You have a new rival;
Your old rival is now Roark;
Please Comment if there are any problems;
Cynthia is now Dawn;
Dawn is now the champion;
Professer Rowan is now a pikachu due to an accident in the lab ^^;

If anyone could give me a link to a tutorial for using thenewpoketext or even tell me how to do it,
please do.

To Extract use WinRar and then right click and then extract here.

To apply the patch, put a clean rom of Pokemon Diamond.nds in the deathly diamond folder. Then Open
xDelta GUI, then click select patch and select "Deathly Diamond.patch" and then select the rom
("Pokemon Diamond.nds";).Then it should patch ;)

Thankyou For Downloading, Monsta316

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