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PKm Black and White Rudolf's Patch R4 1.6

How to play "Pocket Monster : White"AND Black on your R4

For R4 User:

1. Download Download Both Pokemom black and white FIX get a Patch.exe file from the RAR archive.

2. Drag your ROM and drop it onto the Patch.exe.

This path is not only for "Pocket Monster : White". and Black It's one of game to be patched by Universal Child's Play Patch.
The file having the ".bak" extension is the backup copy of the original nds file.

Acekard 2i DSi Version 1.4.1 AKAIO 1.7.1
Wood R4 1.12. Original R4
r4irts&sdhc fw v2.7e

R4 SDHC with firmware 1.34.

i am just sharing list so don't get mad if it dose not work

Change log (1.6):
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