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Phantasy Star Ø Crack Fix 1.0

This patch is for our own release of the game and not the BAHAMUT version, which is in our opinion invalid. Yes we made a mistake and missed some completely BLANK data from the end of the cart, but it affects nothing and is 100% playable, the FF bytes can be put back easily if you wish even.

So to fix the game for the very few carts which do not automatically run this, place the rom (xpa-ps0u.nds it must be named this and must be the right rom!) in with the files and run xpa-ps0c.bat to patch.

Now you hopefully should have a working game for M3i and any other carts.

PS: We are aware that C.O.P The Recruit still may have some checks left so we aplogize about that crack.


Change log (1.0):
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