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Mugen no Frontier SRT OG Saga translation

Version 7

From the readme:

[center]Mugen no Frontier: Super robot taisen OG Saga Fan translation

/!\\\\\\\\The team:

Donryu-Romhacking, translating
Noitora-Romhacking, translating, Graphics editing

/!\\\\\\\\Special thanks to HernanZh for his valuable help in the project.
/!\\\\\\\\Special thanks to Psycoblaster for letting me use the font he designed.
/!\\\\\\\\Special thanks to Momo for helping me translate some untranslated items.
/!\\\\\\\\Special thanks to all those anonymous contributors who helped with the open translation.

/!\\\\\\\\MnF translation Final patch-

/!\\\\\\\\How to patch:

Drag and drop your untrimmed, clean rom in the "drop rom here.bat" and it will patch your rom.
Also the game's size will be cut down from 131.072 to 108.072 Mb, just like trimming of some sorts.

/!\\\\\\\\What has been translated in this version:

Translated characters' names in every screen for easier reference
Translated some accessories that were left, some still remain untranslated.
Translated all system messages.
Translated info messages after battles (Useful to know when gaining new skills and the such).
Did some modifications to how skills are displayed in the game, now Support skills should have a small "SUP." icon before their names.
Translated many leftover graphics.

/!\\\\\\\\About the future of the translation project:

According to this: "Namco registered Endless Frontier in the US Patent and Trademark database."
And this article:

The gave will possibly released outside Japan, I will wait a few months before calling off the project because this might just a rumor.
If in need, I will release one or two patches that will iron out some mistranslations and some leftover items.

Have fun playing.

Change log ():
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