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[Mod] Pokemon Neo SoulSilver 1.0

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Hello, everybody, it's me, Bizzle-Da bandit, ya know, from Gbatemp. Alright enough with the small talk. Today we're here to discuss the release of my first version of HGSS mod...Just like the title above say, it's dubbed:

Pokemon Neo SoulSilver

Da Rom's Intel
Game which was used to edited: Pokémon SoulSilver (U)
Language: Only current one right now is English
Available Versions: Version 1
When the Version Stops: Actually you can play the mod full through.
Mod's Current Progress: I'll say at least 94 or 96 percent of everything have been edited...with the exception of rematches and Cave-dwelling Pokemon! You'll find out more by reading below!

Now, to tell you all what's features included in this current version...For all those who are curious.

I guess, first I should explain what difference I did from the original game. First of all, I've add slightly new dialogue, basically only menu stuff and things the Poke Mart Clerks and Nurse Joy says. I've also changed some of thing said during Pokemon Battle; if you saw my vid, you've already seen some of the stuff I did.

When I start on the second version, I'm gonna do some trainer speech editing; like I first started on at the end of Sol Platinum's life span. LOL For one thing, I'm gonna make Silver say even more crueler things to you in-game battle, don't worry nothing too over barring, I promise...

I also changed some of the HGSS Pokemon sprite. Mostly, I just switched their stationary sprite with their moving sprite. I've also customized a few Hoenn Sprites (Spoink, Taillow, Numel, there's more in screenies down below), I think I did a good on them...If I say so myself, but I suppose it's up to you all to judge me.

Now, for the changes I did to the Pokemon. If you've played Sol Platinum before, then you should be aware of the stat changes I like to give to the Pokemon. For example Mareep base speed now 60, but once it evolves into Ampharos, it speed will drop below 60, but its Sp.Defense and Sp. Attack will soar.

Some Pokemon will have Special Abilities that they wouldn't usually have. Example: Phanpy with Huge Power, Chingling with Magic Guard and Spearow with Anger Point.

Some Pokemon will learn different attacks that don't use on the real game. Like, Flaaffy with Swift, or like Mawile, who levels up learning all three elemental Fangs. Or Wartortle, who learns Ice Fang when first evolving.

Some Pokemon learn, I would say, basically awhole moveset pool. Here's a few: Delibird, who NOW actually worth training, on an account it learns some pretty decent attack...And it's Special stat isn't all that bad, if you get my drift. Tyrouge, now his own set of attacks (Even though, it's still weak as hell), and it even evolves a new way, but we'll get into that later...

I've even made my own new attack...even though it's just a replacement of an old attack (Razor Wind to be exact) I renamed the attack Malestrom; it's a Flying Type attack that take two turns (hence Razor Wind) deals 80 damage and has high ratio for 'CRITICAL HIT'! On the second version I'll probably up the attack strenghth to 95 or something. I'll just tell you one of the Pokemon that actually learns Malestrom-Xatu...But remember its not the only one that does.

Future things to do

I'm hoping to add new events where you can catch legendary Pokemon without catching them in the wild, cuz in this version, all non-regional legendaries aren't available, only if it's a build-in event.

Also, hoping to add more dialogue...funny stuff, hopefully. Hmm...What else is there...Hmmm, I can't think...Oh. yeah, does anybody know the narc files for the headuttable trees or the file safari zone and bug catching contest...or is that all too early?

Programs I used to make this Mod possible
PPRE 0.14 (Obviously! I used this for mostly everything)
Paint (For the customizing of the sprites)
PokepicDSPlatinum (For updating the modified sprites into narc. file it's a/0/1/4 something...I think. Ah, shit whatever)
NitroExplorer (For extracting the updated narc files back into the rom)
thenewpoketext (Pretty much self-explanatory, right)
No$Gba 2.6a (For beta-testing the mod)
Pokemon SoulSilver (It was the rom I used)
And AttackEditorDS (For editing some of the attack move's type)

Closing notes: Now...If there were someway of unlocking the national dex early here...Now, that'll be swell!

For more up to date info...visit the mod's original thread at:

That's all for today, thanks for staying tune...

And yo, happy gaming. For realz!

Change log (1.0):
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