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Lode Runner menu patch 1.1

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Lode runner was a fairly popular game on early home computers and Hudson Soft made a DS port/remake/version of it but they never released it outside Japan.
Being a puzzle game a menu translation allows you to play most of the game and that is what this is.

Patch is in xdelta format and windows patching programs included in the download.

Change log (1.1):

Game Types Screen
New Game Prompts
Map Editor Popup
Dojo Menu
Wireless Menu


Fixed the Header
Options Menu
Map Editor Menu
Pause Menu
Level Complete Menu
Game Over Menu
"Default"/"Classic"/"Pop" Design types
(A)/(B) Buttons
"WiFi" -> "Wireless"


Header Name "ロードランナー" -> "LodeRunner" (Broken)
Main Menu (Clean)
Game Menu (Clean)
"Lode Runner" -> "LodeRunner"


Header Name "ロードランナー" -> "Lode Runner"
Main Menu (Dirty)
Game Menu (Dirty)
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