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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days IPS Patch

Using the method of UltraEdit, i created an IPS patch for easy Piracy Bypassing for this game, instead of searching all through the game, yada yada. This is an IPS file, so use an IPS Patcher (Lunar IPS, ect.)

Here is a compatibility list so far. For some cards, u must have or do specific stuff to work the game. Make sure to read discription of what u need for ur card.

Working on:
Cyclods (new firmware needed)
R4 (patch needed)
R4 Vol. 2 (clone) (Patch Needed)
R4 SDHC (clone) (Firmware 1.25, Patch Needed)
M3 (Patch Needed)
EDGE (Patch Needed)
Acekard 2 (AKAIO Firmware & Patch Needed)
ITouch: (Patch Needed)
DSTT (Patch Needed)
Supercard DSOne (Cart's internal patch OFF, Patch needed)

EZ-Flash V
EZ-Flash VI
Supercard DS
Supercard DSOnei

Here are the links. Again, this is for the patch, not the game:

Here are external links if this one doesnt work.

If anyone finds that the unverified cards work with the patch, please post the status & tell which firmware u r using.
Have Fun!

Change log ():
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