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FFTA2_Redesigned_(Updated 2015-01-09) 2015-09-09

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The main goal of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Redesigned is to make the game more difficult than before, and remplace useless and game-breaking things. I have also given completely new skillsets to some jobs, like Tinker, Assassin (now renamed Shadow) or Seer (now renamed Sorcerer).

Main Changes

- All enemy levels scale with the party. (If the level of your party is greater than the predefined level of the enemy unit)
- Level Cap is now at 50. (Because the damage formula, some things like spells become very weak at high levels)
- Every ability and item have been revised.
- I added a lot of new abilities that replaces the old useless or game-breaking skills.
- Items have more secundary effects.
- All growths and stats have been rebalanced. Now every job is usable.
- Monsters and Bosses now they are much more stronger than before.
- The most of the races now they have one special ability, that only one in your team can use it. (if you choose human special skill, you cannot use viera special skill.)
- Enemies can't revive their allies so revive skills have been removed. Adelle's Elpe can revive one Ally with the cost of her life.
- OHKO skills, and Petrify skills have been removed for player use.

- Some game-breaking support / reaction abilities have been removed for player use. (Dual Wield, Strike Back, Blood Price...)

Change log (2015-09-09):
"some bugs fixed"
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