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Well, here I am, posting a little submission to present my DS lib, the PA_lib. It's based on ndslib, and is aimed towards very simple DS developpement.

It features sprites functions (like PA_CreateSprite, MoveSprite, etc...), Background function (PA_LoadSimpleBg), Text functions, an API for buttons, sliders, checks, sound and mod support (thanks to Deku !), Stylus and Pad (of course...), but also some draw function, variable case text... You can also retrieve some info on the DS (user name, birthday, language, current time/date...)

For an almost complete list of functions, just go check out the documentation here : (the latest commands, like the API, are missing at the moment).

I guess a certain number of projects in this contest will use the lib, and even though this demo isn't very expansive, it's just a demo. Basically, press A or B to add some ships, move them around with the stylus, and use the Pad to move one of the ships on the top screen and the backgrounds. It also displays the date and time on the top screen.
Last thing, it pauses the demo and shuts down the screens when you close the lid...

Sorry, but it doesn't seem to work on emulator, so no screenshots available...


PS : the lib is open source

Change log (DEMO):
1st release from 2005.
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