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DSCraft_VatosGrottos-Map 3.14159

Thumbnail 1 for DSCraft_VatosGrottos-Map
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Thumbnail 3 for DSCraft_VatosGrottos-Map
Thumbnail 4 for DSCraft_VatosGrottos-Map was either name it that, or call the map Loco's Labyrinth. yeah, clever. Anyway, it's still a work-in-progress.
This is a big ol' lego map ive been building on since DSCraft's initial release.
Lots of stuff to explore here.
Caves/Labyrinths (duh=P)
A bunch of Lakes/rivers and docks
Plenty of Buildings
Huge-Ass Pyramid
Flyin' smiley
i dunno. stuff.

Change log (3.14159):
1.5 years of random stuff since the last upload.

- there's an airplane chillin'
- more grottos
- more lakes and docks
- more "mole-like" bouroughing towards the Earth's core...
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