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If this driver doesn't work, the SuperCard (SD) driver may work instead.

Note from the author:
This my attempt at coding/adapting a DLDI driver for a SuperCard MiniSD Rumble (which, according to the original IO source code, _might_ work with other SD-based SuperCards like the MicroSD and standard SD SCs).
It took some time to adapt the routines to correctly handle unaligned reads/writes, as I had no debugging methods at all, and these were also my first steps in ARM Assembler coding.
I tested the driver with the latest dldi_tester.nds from Chishm and it worked 100% right for both reading and writing (aligned and unaligned).

So this is it... enjoy it, and wether it worked for you or not, drop me an email to with as many technical details as possible.
In case it didn't work, also it might be good for you to try patching a "fresh" -non patched before, as I've seen some strange behavior when repatching it- dldi_tester.nds (the latest one, that checks for buffer misalignment issues also) and send me the results.

Guido Scalise (AKA BaRNi)

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