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WhatTheHexDS 08/20/11

WhatTheHexDS is a Nintendo DS application created for aspiring designers who may test their hexadecimal colour code proficiency by guessing the correct colour among a pool of colour squares, given a hexadecimal colour code. Using the three bytes in the colour code (#RRGGBB), one can guess the actual colour.

How To Play:
1. Download a copy of the ROM here.
2. Put the ROM onto your flash card via an SD card or external drive.
3. Load the ROM off the firmware.

Left / Right - Adjusts difficulty of game
Touch screen - Select colour squares for testing
Motion - Tilting left/right has same effects as physical inputs

Change log (08/20/11):
There was A LOT changed, sound was added, drawing format was changed and the entire layout was polished. You're free to download the previous version and compare it yourself.
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