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Turnip Merchant 0.6

This is my 3rd project. I'm making it with 4.4 Pro. (Not 4.5. I started it with 4.4 and I will end it with 4.4) It will be about selling turnips. I got the idea from the turnip selling in Animal Crossing.

The game will start on a Sunday where you can buy turnips at a random price. Then, you will pass through the days of the week trying to sell the turnips at the best price possible. You might also find trophies, which you can buy with your well earned money. These trophies will unlock some goodies. Each Sunday you will be able to save and view your trophies. .

Change log (0.6):
OK, I finished most of the menu. I didn't put in "New Game" or "Load", since I haven't re-programed those parts yet.
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