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Traffic Jam BETA-1

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This is a game about a person who is very strict about work. One day he is late because, um... he woke up on the wrong side of the bed? So then, he is rushing to work and there is a lot of traffic.He must dodge the cars and when his car gets the red power-up, he will knock all the cars out of his way.

But there is one thing.How is this going to be done?I am stuck trying to make the other cars drive down the screen and then doing it again in a random X position.Never the same.Or is it impossible. Also i don't know h ow the car fever(knock cars aside) is going to work out.Help would be really appreciated.

Hopefully this takes off.

Here are instructions.

-You must avoid the cars that may crash you.
-If your score reaches 5000, you win!
-You must have complete focus to reach this score.
-If your score reaches a certain point, you will achieve car fever which is triggered by the icon on the bottom screen.You will be invincible for about 10 seconds.
- The music makes It harder to concentrate.
-Don't stay in 1 spot.
-You have 3 lives.
-Have Fun!

Change log (BETA-1):
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