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The Living Dead 1.2

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I'm still working on the engine, but here's what i've got for now. The controls are simple. It's the basic DS shooter system. Directional buttons or a,b,x, and y to move. L or R to shoot. Tap the Right character to reload, and touch the left character to use your knife. for the the display on the top screen. The top number is your cash, the second is wave number, and the bottom is just the number of zombies spawned during round (means nothing to you, but something i added for my use to see what wasn't working right). on the bottom screen is the tops number is your clip number, the second is your reserves, and the bottom is your health.

There are only three waves, and you can't shoot past the regular point of the Screen. Could someone help me fix this? I'll post the dsgm.

EDIT: I just remembered I forgot to add the custom actions so people could look at the DSGM. They are on the forum, but here you go.

Update 1:
Walk around and shoot zombies. Shoot at them with guns, stab them with knives, blow them to smithereens with explosives, and block them out with barricades. Earn cash from attacking zombies to buy health, repairkits, perks(will be added later), map specific features(in later updates), and weapons. Each round, more and more zombies spawn with more strength and health. There are currently 7 waves/rounds. I don't think you'll make it that far, the furthest i've made a couple of updates back was 4, but since then i've adjusted damage and other things so this may change. The game also currently pauses when the DS is closed.
First update to the game. Version V.1.2. It's the first offical update i've made. The first post was the basic engine, while the update has actual gameplay. Note that the controls are indeed optimized for DS gameplay. It works fine on the computer, but is easier and smoother to play on the DS. It plays pretty good on the DS and i actually played it on a road trip when i got bored which allowed me to deeply review the game. In the future i might make a control scheme to make it a little easier to play on an emulator for the computer. The controls simple. It's the basic controls of a DS shooter. D-pad or A,B,X, and Y buttons to move. Tap to aim. Tap primary weapon icon (bottom most left icon on bottom screen) to reload. Tap the second button after that to toggle strafe mode on and off. Tap the next button to throw grenade. The gernade will automatically stop if it reaches the cursor area at which the point of time the grenade was thrown and or if it hits a wall or zombie. The after that to knife. Touch the icon in the top right corner to do transactions in the game. The transactions include buying weapons and other things, and if you have a repair kit, walk up to a barricade and tap the button to repair it.
On the bottom screen at the very top of the left corner is your cash. Under that is your health.
You can only throw one grenade at a time, and i might hopefully change this in the future. You can only shoot in the direction your facing, unless you strafe allowing you to get the same shooting zone in all directions. If you run into a wall, of course you can not move anymore in that direction (will fix the zombies walking in the wall zone in future updates). Also running into a bomb explosion can kill you! Next is that the purchasing system sometimes glitches out. It want let yo by the thing you want when you press the action button. Usually buying something else first then coming back to what you were originally trying to buy. That usually works but not all the time. Another buying glitch is it will mess up the score a bit to where it may look something like "02 0000" or something crazy like that. Along with that glitch, it might increase your cash sometimes. Next sometimes the gun sprite might glitch into a bomb or knife, nothing major along with other smaller sprite glitches. The biggest glitches i've seen so far is were the drawn variables mess up and turn into "

Change log (1.2):
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