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Team Fortress 2 DS 1/15/11

DPad - left/right to move
A - Jump. The Scout(1st class) can double jump by pressing A while in the air.
B - Fire (currently only Soldier w/ rockets and Demoman w/ primary/secondary)
Y - Secondary Fire (Demoman: detonate stickybombs)
X - Reload
L - Change weapon backwards
R - Change weapon forwards
Touch Screen - Change class (must be in your team's base), health/reload testing

Change log (1/15/11):
- Switched the functions of the X and Y buttons. Let me know if you liked it better the other way around!
- Blu team can no longer go into Red's base and vice-versa.
- Swapped positions of Blu and Red bases to make it more intuitive since Blu team attacks in attack/defend game types and heading to the right is usually associated with moving forward in a side-scrolling game.
- Started working on an actual map. If anyone's played Team Fortress 2 before, the map will be Sawmill.
* I still have no idea how I am going to code in collisions with platforms and stuff without having to hard-code them in. Any ideas?
* I also need advice on how best to implement shooting with the non-projectile weapons. Should I just use a sprite? Is there any trickery I can do with drawing pixels? I have no clue. :c
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