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TanksDS (Sulfyr) 0.1

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Hi I have been working on a new game for quite some time.
It is inspired by games like Tank Wars, Pocket Tanks and Death Tanks.

* Blast your friends or foes into pieces
* Play via LAN and/or internet. Internet games are registered on a server list. (no ip sharing necessary)
* Kill enemies to earn money and buy new weapons

Programming: Sulfyr
Graphics: WioWao
Music: Kevin MacLeod

Version 0.1 is ready. It works pretty well for two players but i haven't been able to test it for more players.
There are still many things that i wish to implement/improve. Please report any errors you might find. I will try to fix them as soon as possible, but i am very busy with school at the moment.

Change log (0.1):
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