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SyobonAction DS Neo Compo 2012

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Some of you maybe know this game: It is a Mario clone with some small but extremely challenging levels. It is also known as "The Impossible Japanese Game". I doubt I have to explain how a "Mario Clone" works.

SyobonActionDS in keywords:
- Easy setup: No DLDI/NitroFS whatsoever, it should run straight on every flashcard without any patching
- The original graphics are used (well, just resized&reworked here and there for the DS Sceen-Size of course)
- Full Music&Sounds from the original game
- 13 and a half (The last one cannot be finished) stages
- Possibility to skip levels (although they do not become easier) & a Fly-Mode Cheat giving you an endless jump

- Resizing the game to 256x192 from 480x420 pixel did not work out as well as I wanted, but except of some "pixelwise-overlapping" it looks quite okay
- I cannot guarantee the game is fully beatable. I am able to reach level 2-4-0 without problems, but I have not tried to get any further as I was busy optimizing the game :|
- A Walkthrough for the first four levels can be found all over youtube (The game engine is identical to the PC game), the later - less known levels - can be found here: Stage 2.3.0 looks a bit different, but works the same. But I discourage watching a walkthrough as it takes away all the fun. Once you figured out how to reach a certain point, reaching it again is pretty easy.

- Do not try to beat the whole game at once. It is impossible to do so

- I will release the source after close time~ I doubt the game-engine/graphics has any license, but the game-sources were put online and thus I will also give something back to the internet (even though I do not believe they will be of any use ^^)

Change log (Neo Compo 2012):
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