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Super Smash Bros. Clash May2012

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Super Smash Bros. homebrew.

Now updating monthly.

Change log (May2012):
Guys, I'll be updating this really soon to put in Gokudo's awesome new Snake sprites as well as some sort of text timer showing the shield's health. I am aware there's no shield as of yet.

Changelog May2012

- Added Guard and Stun

NOTE: Stun only happens when the shield breaks. This is an upload to show proof we're still moving after some technical difficulties, so I didn't end up getting around to putting in the actual shield sprite. I like to think it adds some mystery to the game. Also, AIs don't shield.

So, it's not an integral part of the game yet, but if you want to test it, it works (minus shield sprite).

- Fixed knockback for aerial attacks (Seriously, these were BROKEN)
- The results room will now ALWAYS judge correctly. (Sorry this one took so long).
- Added an indicator to the character select screen so you can see the colour you're choosing
- Fixed problem of game not remembering alternate colours
- Fixed airdodges for all characters
- Alternate colour fixes
- Many bug fixes
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