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Super Mario Bros Galaxy DS 2.0

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Mario Bros, Nintendo character, is caught in a remote galaxy without notice, and turning back, You probably sent by some evil being, your mission is to help Mario get stars to get enough power to travel through the planets and draw their enemies and to describe the truth about this remarkable story, Mario Will the brave can survive in a galaxy full of enemies?, on whether or not depends on you.

Author: The Dark Master .
The game is to explore planets and get stars peculiar gravities killing enemies, or getting coins, or just collecting stars or fragments of them. With the stars, Mario can continue its journey to other planets.

There are two basic types of planets, the planetarium and the normal, the planetarium are no enemies planets or stars to get, but have passages between planets, the planets are stars that get normal and enemies to overcome.

The game features several gravities, from normal to vice and even horizontal, so that levels will exceed incredibly interesting.

Mario to continue traveling to planets need stars (you can get them in normal planets), if you come to a planet we do not have enough stars will have to go back to others and look for stars that have not yet.

Find lots of star, in this case you have to collect 5 parts.
Defeat all the enemies (excluding Bullet Bill).
Get all the coins.

Mario posee vidas ilimitadas. The game is not finished, has a planetarium and two normal planets, and for the moment, Mario has unlimited lives.

Controles: Controls:
Left and right D-Pad: Move, eye direction is not always the same.
Digital Pad: Get in tunnels, eye again, you have to press the pad that points to the tunnel.
A button: Jump.

Tested on the following Flashcards and Firmware's:
Flashcard M3DS Real with Firmware 4.8 (Test of Staff).
Ultra R4 Flashcard Firmware 1.56 (Test of Staff).
FlashCard DSTT / TTDS with Firmware 1.17 (Test of Staff).

Change log (2.0):
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