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Starfighter Skirmish Neo Flash Compo 2005 Edition

Starfighter Skirmish

Welcome to the exciting world of space combat simulation!

This game makes use of many of the DS's unique features. Here's a quick screenshot:

If you have played X-wing or TIE Fighter, the controls to this game will be very familiar to you. This isn't a port though. The engine is written entirely from scratch. The stuff I didn't write is listed as follow, with a big thanks to the writer:

NDSLib - Thanks to Dovoto for a kicking rad mini GL port. Thanks to wintermute as well for a wonderful devkit environment.
GBFS - Thanks to tepples!
Arm9->Arm7 Communication - Thanks for a great tutorial Doublec
MD2 to DS display list -> Thanks to eli and dovoto for this tool. It was a good base for writing a custom model tool.

I'd like to thank all the really helpful people on #dsdev and They are a really helpful bunch.

There are some more screenshots on the manual page.

How to play:
Ok. I won't lie, because X-wing style games have slightly complicated controls, so does this game. You can read the full manual here:

Note: This does not work on the emulators. It uses GBFS and a lot of 3d.

Change log (Neo Flash Compo 2005 Edition):
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