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Starfall Neo Compo 2012

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What is it?
A journey in space - a test of survival. Catch stars to increase the jackpot, but don't forget to claim it! Avoid the meteors; they're deadly unless you Colour Shift. Same colour ship and meteor = OK! Mismatched colours = GAME OVER! Go for the high score!

Describe it in one sentence
It's the non-stop pace of Temple Run mixed with the polarity action of Ikaruga topped off with the risk and reward of a slot machine!

- Rumble Pak support

A Nintendo DS/Lite/DSi/DSi XL and a flash cart. Tested on Acekard 2i. Runs in No$GBA/desmume fine. I make no guarantee that the game will work for you, your hardware or software.

D-Pad - Movement
A - Colour Shift
B - Claim Jackpot

Additional art by
Guyome41 (http://OpenGameArt.Org/users/Guyome41)
Cuzco (http://OpenGameArt.Org/users/Cuzco)
bart (http://OpenGameArt.Org/users/bart)
surt (http://OpenGameArt.Org/users/surt)
Music - "Kicks" by Sycamore Drive (

Change log (Neo Compo 2012):
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