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Sprite Combat 2.1

Sprite Combat is a "Rock Paper Scissors"-like game where the user chooses an option between a Sword, Energy Ball and Shield.
And then the CPU chooses an option for itself. And then a comparison is made between what overpowers what.

Sword >> Energy
Energy >> Shield
Shield >> Sword

Where ">>" represents "overpowers"....

This game was developed by WinterAce with the help of DS Game Maker: and it uses the PAlib library:

Change log (2.1):
Music!! Now we have sound effects!
Featuring a sneak-peek of the story mode!
The ROM name is now without the version number (future saving issues)
Even better fading (now even the text and sprites fade in!)
"Press B to go back." added in many places to help users
Refined the code a bit
Fixed some places where the text was placed irregularly
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