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Spirits DS 0120908 [FINAL].

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Spirits DS is a remake for the Nintendo DS game based on the popular game SPIRITS from TOPO SOFT who in 1987 make this game for MSX, Spectrum and Amstrad 8 bit computers . The project’s goal is to make a remake and keep the spirit of the original, but adapted to the possibilities of the Nintendo console.

- The original game.

Spirits is an adventure game. In it, we play the role of a skilled sorcerer. The story begins when an evil sorcerer steals us our crystal ball, a book of spells and magic wand without which our powers are greatly reduced. Also, he curses the castle where we dwell, fill it with creatures of the night guarding our precious belongings. Not only that, it has also charmed the princess of the castle and one of the armors. These two characters are each one with one half of the only spell capable of defeating so evil sorcerer, which has been transformed into an eagle to chase us around the castle. We will disenchant these two characters to retrieve the spell and to defeat the cause of our problems.

- How to play.

The game is divided into two screens. The upper screen shows your character and is where the action is. At the bottom, we see where the next objective or purpose to be achieved. At first, we just see where is the crystal ball, main purpose and essential, without which the other objects and characters are hidden from our eyes. Having gained the crystal ball, these objects were no longer invisible in the castle and we can recover them. In addition with the crystal ball in our possession, we can locate the other goals. The ball will show us on the lower screen the exact location of the book of spells, magic wand, the Princess and armor, as well as the magician transformed into an eagle. With the corresponding buttons we can change the object or character that we want to see on the bottom screen. Next you’ll get the book of spells and magic wand.
Once we have these items in our possession, we will save the princess and disenchanting armor, which we provide half of each his spell to defeat the sorcerer.

Having done all this, we can only look for the eagle and defeat it, shooting the spell succeeded.
Remember that there are several enemies in the castle, of which only we can defend our dodging or throwing a stun spell of short duration, something which gives us time to escape from them. Shoot the eagle without the final spell is totally useless and contact with it, is certain death.
One last point. The location of the objects changed in each game, so you have game for awhile …

Change log (0120908 [FINAL].):
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