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Spelling Bubbles 1,1

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This is my first DS game. I wrote it for my 6 year old son to help him learn his weekly spellings for school (so probably not very interesting for most of you). You setup a list of upto 12 words, each word is upto 8 letters long. Use the keyboard to add/edit word, enter adds the word to the list. The game starts with bubbles of random letters being blown. You must pop the correct letters in order to spell the words - the current target word / letter is shown along the bottom.

Written initially with DSGM 5.x until I hit a couple of brick walls, at which point I took the generated code and added the remaining features directly (global struct data, file read/write, bug text, etc).

Thanks to James, Jan, yoshi123 and Metatarsals (and anyone else I've missed) for the replies and pointers on the forum over the last week.

Hope you like it - my son does!

Change log (1,1):
Updated to include help information.
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