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Space Math DS 1.0

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Seeing that lately the forum NDS scene is fairly stationary, in regard to new games for the console, post the new game I've done: Space Math DS.

It was a game I had in mind to give some time ago and I finally got with it. And now the end is nearing completion:

As you can guess by the name of the game and I made the cover, is a game that mixes math (on a simple principle, then "complicate" a little more) with the shooter.

Basically instead of enemies there are operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc) that are sliding across the screen and enter the result must be calculated on the touch screen console (typing). It is neither a super innovative game, or anything that has not been done before, but let the game has its charms (at least for me it is).

Graphically the game is limited, to deceive. Or scrolling effects and photorealistic funds (although the cover can give this idea ), Or large explosion effects and many more. Black background and numbers are falling.

The game could say that is almost finished, we is not no draft no menus and nothing. It has its history, its development, a shop to buy "products", several stages and finally an end.

What happens is that there is still something wrong with the audio (they corrupt some audio tracks sometimes) and would not hurt to get some help (if necessary) in handwriting recognition, and I put in a decent translation of the game.

Kit includes:

-"Epic story (XD).
-3 Wars (worlds), each with several battles (stages) to be overcome for further progress in the game. Phases tend to last 2 to 3 minutes. Cortas pero intensas. Short but intense.
-Option to practice writing.
-How to play.
-Shop to buy extras and aids which might be helpful if you get stuck in solving some operations.
-"Endless surprises (XD).

Game language:


-Calculate the result of the operations that are displayed on screens.
-For each transaction calculated correctly get money to buy things at the store.
-You have 2 lives. Each operation that does not get calculated correctly (away on the bottom of the screen above the console) you lose a life. When you are no more lives the game ends.


-Digital-to move Cruceta
-Button to accept.
-B-button to go back.

During the game:

Game Objective:

-"Saving humanity . .

Things left to do:

--Fix bugs that may arise (hopefully not arise any fatal flaw).
-Audio-Bug: summarizing say that I still have until the eggs. For some reason I do not know one of the tunes I use, sometimes makes it sound like ass. How fucked is that they have any special feature on the other. If anyone would appreciate the same thing happens to tell me exactly what battle was to see if I can fix it. And I refuse to find another tune.
-Changing the difficulty / ease of phases as appropriate. Although in principle the thing is already pretty tight.
-Handwriting recognition. Truly this is a very critical point of the game and does not operate normally equivalent to take the game and throw it away.
This is one reason to include point play in the game, and really appreciate it if someone is with recognition problems do me the favor of spending the Shape parameter (shown on the screen of practice) when writing a number that is not well recognized.
-Check the spelling.
-Translated into English. While there are easy things to translate, I see coming that would make a considerable botched many others, and to make a crappy translation for now I do not. Even if someone is encouraged to tell me (either in English, French, German or whatever). By asking that it is not.

Things that should never have done:

Use PALib again. We do not learn.

Change log (1.0):
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