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Space Impakto DS 2.0.0 FINAL

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Space Impakto is a Bullet-Hell SHMUP (Space shooter/Shoot 'em up) for your DS.

• 2d gameplay
• 3d background
• Optimized texture use via texture packing
• Oldskool 8-bit/4bit sprites
• Newskool bullet hell gameplay
• Source included (use and abuse license but give credit where it is due ;*) )
• Replay system
• Button config
• Varied and animated Bosses
• Procedurally generated backgrounds
• Procedurally generated 3d models
• 3 types of ships
• 2 Game Modes (Normal and Boss Rush)
• Auto-bomb (see Options menu)
-- (When autobomb is ON, you won't have bomb powerups at the end of the stage so "Pick Your Poison".)

• Copy "SpaceImpaktoDS.nds" to your flashcart and enjoy!!!
• Also try to copy "space_impakto_ds_2.dem" on the same folder "SpaceImpaktoDS.nds" is located then on the main menu:
- 1. Load Replay
- 2. Load Slot #3 to see how to finish the game using only 1 credit.
• If you don't have a DS and a flashcart, you need an emulator to play this on the PC. Try No$GBA or DesMuMe(both are free).

• Shoot everything that moves.
• There is always a safe area no matter how crazy the patterns are.
• Try to destroy the boss as much as possible. There is a boss timer that will auto destroy the boss but you won't get a score bonus this way.
• Replay is only available after 1 game( doesn't matter if you loose or not) or...
- Replay is also available when there is a saved replay on the flashcart.
- Replay is not available when you return to the main menu when the paused
• If all else fails, don't move!

Controls: (Change within the Options menu)
• B = Shoot
• A = Bomb
• R = Slowdown

Change log (2.0.0 FINAL):
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