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South Africa World Cup 2010 Manager DS v1.0 1.0

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I am pleased to introduce you to my manager / agenda of the FIFA World Cup 2010 with graphics Lobo for the DS, "South Africa World Cup 2010 SD Manager". Allowing you to anticipate, monitor and complete all the scores of games and get info on the stadiums and the teams. In this first version, photos of teams in qualifying are stored on the flash card, they will be updated in the next version with the official photos of the 23 players on each team, but until you can replace yourself. Similarly, the translation was done with google translation, so I am not having any good results, so I expect feedback to the translations in English, German, Italian and Spanish. A new version will correct any errors of translation, update team photos and ranking fifa, is scheduled just before the start of the World Cup.

* Unzip the archive and copy the file on your flash card South_Africa_World_Cup_2010_DS_Manager.nds.
* Copy the folder / SAWCMDS at the root of your flash card.

Known Issues
- Delete the outcome of a match a team that has played a test can create a higher overflow structure. (Example: I'm in the quarterfinals, it is logical at this stage does not delete or modify the results of hens)

Change log (1.0):
- Support DLDI.
- Automatic backup.
- 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian).
- Manual management scores.
- Hours, dates, places of 64 games.
- Automatic classification of hens.
- Automatic qualification (hens and finals).
- Update the results via a WiFi connection.
- Photos and information (city, capacity, construction, architects) of the 10 stages.
- Photos and information (Coach, founded in, number of holdings, number of title world champion, fifa ranking, color jerseys) of 32 teams.
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