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Smash Bros Ultimate FAT 3.0

Clone of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo DS.

Change log (3.0):
Optimizing the code of the game in general.
Added more characters to the collection: Tails and Knuckles (Sonic the saga).
3 COM now attack one another, no longer 3vs1.
Improved AI of the COM, attack with a shorter distance, doing the double jump, etc..
Characters accelerate, start running after a while of walking in one direction. The speed varies depending on the character.
Added the ability Hang (hang from ledges).
Removed bug in the ramp.
Added scenario Scrap Brain, for the most ardent fans of Sega.
Improved initial splash screen and added to homebrew.
Font amended text, using an author's own.
Added menu options and the possibility of regulating the frequency of appearance of objects on stage.
Added two new item in battle: the Smash ball, causing an explosion when touched affecting the rest, and heart rate to recover.
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