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Slime Sports

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It's Slime time! Slime volleyball is back but now for the :nds:

Quote from DCEMU forum:

An entry in the Neoflash Coding Comp, heres the details:

Jandujar posted this:

DS Slime is a volleyball game for two players

Start: Pauses the game
Select: Increment/Decrement Speed
Pad: For First player controls
Buttons: For second player controls

.:Tested with:.
-WifiMe (works great)
-Mk2/Mk3 (There is a little bug that make not respond the stylus, I don't know why)

.:Things to do:.
-Single player
-Maybe wifi support

And the files:
-one for wifime and emulators
-and one for flashcarts, supercard (rename from .ds.gba to .nds!), etc...

Change log ():
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