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Sliker DS FINAL 6/22/11

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Sliker DS - A game by bksonic

Sliker DS is a Bullet Hell Arena Shooter (or BHAS). The goal of the game is simple: destroy the minions of Sliker in order to confront him for the final showdown.

The game features:

-Tons of Levels
-Intense Boss Fights
-A Survival Mode with Online Highscores
-Dual-Screen Gameplay
-Three Different DIfficulty Modes
-Save/Load Feature
-and much, much more...


-Please Notify me if the Online Scores do not work (I don't have W-Fi as of now).
-My Survival Highscore: 511 (No joke (...okay, that was on Easy lol))
-Sometimes, the game may not save the Difficulty correctly, and the file becomes corrupt. A message will appear in-game if this occurs, explaining that the problem has been solved by resetting the difficulty level to Normal again.
-The game file is hosted on Game Jolt for a reason. The website encourages its developers to upload their game to the website (and in return, I receive 50% ad revenue due to my performance in one of their competitions (although I did not win)).
-Secret: You can change your player by pressing SELECT during the game.

Please enjoy the game! Source code is available upon request via PM.

Change log (FINAL 6/22/11):
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