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Sheep Goes Left - Proper Release #1

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People can buy the iOS edition, so if they want it fully working and complete RIGHT NOW, there it be. It’s in the AppStore, costs you $2, comes with 200 levels and even has a nice big proper soundtrack for the entire game.

I’ve spent about 10 hours or so converting this over to DS, but if I want to move forward from this point, it’s going to take me AGES to get it all done!!!

This is the “As quick as I can, let’s see how it goes” edition, and considering the amount of work I’ve realised it’ll need, I’ve decided to stop here for now.

If there’s enough interest, (as in PEOPLE ACTUALLY REPLY AND SAY “YES PLEASE”, as opposed to leaving this an empty thread), then I’ll settle into the long haul, and make a proper kick-ass game out of it all.
But if the game falls flat (like it inexplicably has on the iPhings) then.. well.. no harm done.. 10 hours hasn’t killed me.

So, do what you can… Drum up support.
Let me know if you want more, and, hey, if you’ve got friends with iPhings, (who hasn’t!?) tell them about it too, so I can get me sum munies!!!

Enjoy what there is, and reply! For god’s sake, reply!!!!

. Spikes
. Lots of Spikes
. LOADS of Spikes!!
. Sheep
. 100 levels!

Change log (- Proper Release #1):
100 levels, all taken from the iOS release, but tweaked so they work properly!
10 different backgrounds split up into 20 whole worlds, each with it's own BGM.
Saving, so everything has to be unlocked in a proper order. Woot!
Editor, so you can start to build your own awesome Sheepy Level collection.
Is Hard!!

You can Die now!
No DS Specific delights, yet. Everything is still a redo of the iOS original.
No switching of level packs. There's either the Play pack or the Edit pack. I'll sort that out next time.
No scores... .. Still no scores.. That's coming, though, don't worry!
Is Hard!!!

If you die a lot, you can Skip now!!
Menu looks a bit better!
Sheep!! There are SHEEP!! (complete a whole pack without dying once.)
Is Hard!!!!
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