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Scribble Jump 1.0 fix 2 Demo

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This is the first playable demo of the game Scribble Jump DS.
Your aim is to get as high as possible.
For an introduction into this game, select "help" in the main menu.

Change log (1.0 fix 2 Demo):
1.) installation
There are two ways to play Scribble Jump DS: In an emulator or on the real DS.
To play this game in an emulator, you need an emulator like no$gba or deSmuMe and the file "ScribbleJump.nds" from the file you downloaded.
If you got a flashcard (like R4, Supercard, ...), you cann put the ScribbleJump.nds anywhere on your flashcard, but you have to put the "data" folder (with the subfolder "scribblejump") in the root of your flashcard.

2.) DSMotion
This game supports DSMotion, but you can only use it, if your flashcard also supports DSMotion.

3.) leveleditor (does only work on the real ds!!!)
With the leveleditor you can make your own levels.
If you select in the main menu "leveleditor", you have to type the name of the level. If you want to load an existing level, simply enter the name of that one.
With R or L you can switch the screens. On the top screen you can choose, if you want to edit plattforms, items or monsters.
You can also choose, if you want to add (+), move () or remove (-) them.

4.) error "filesystem not found"
If this error appears you are either playing Scribble Jump in an emulator or did not put the folder "data" on the root of your flashcard.

5.) feedback
If you have any suggestions, an error appears or you want to praise this game, you can do this:
- via E-Mail at
- in the guestbook at
- in my blog at

6.) have fun!

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