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Rise of the Triad DS

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Rise of the Triad DS 0.7
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This is a port of Rise of the Triad for the Nintendo DS.

This is currently a work in progress. Newest version is 0.4 (released Aug 31, 2007).

Many thanks to GPF for porting SDL to the DS. I've built upon his work: rewriting parts of the video code, fixing a bug in the keyboard handling, and adding a mouse driver for the touchscreen.

Recent Changes:

* The registered version is now supported. You must supply your own DARKWAR.WAD, DARKWAR.RTL, and DARKWAR.RTC files.
* Customize Keyboard screen now displays names of DS controls, for easier remapping.
* Note: I made a minor change to the default control mapping; delete your CONFIG.ROT file and the game will auto-generate a new one.


* Sound and Music do not currently work.
* No network support.

Change log ():
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