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ReflXtreme 0.1b

You must support the right time on the keys that scroll across the screen.

Change log (0.1b):
RefleXtreme - Work-In-Progress

RefleXtreme ya une arcade game WHERE the goal Is To execute the Corresponding buttons As They enter the white box. Gradually, the game gets faster. If you miss 50 of 'em, it's Game Over. The key highlight of this game (in my opinion) Is The online leaderboard. (I am in the Process of Receiving My Own leaderboard for this game - right now I'm using a test leaderboard hosted by sumiguchi).

[*] Online highscores
[*] And that's about it lol

Recommended System
[*] Play on a DS console, this game Does not work well (in terms of interface) emulator on year
[*] You Will Also Be Able to not submit your score via emulator year.
[*] Your Nintendo DS "should Have All of Its buttons working correctly.
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