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Quake2DS 10/02/08 r1

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To install:
- make a directory named baseq2 in the root of your card
- copy the pak files from the baseq2 directory of your CD or Q2 install into this baseq2 directory
- download the config file from the web site and place it in the directory
- from this archive file (you must have downloaded it to read this readme!) take the quake2.nds file, dldi patch it and place it in the root of your flash card
- plug in your slot-2 RAM card into your DS
- turn on your DS.

Overclocking memory:
The performance of the game heavily depends on the speed of your RAM. Slot-2 RAM is very slow, but you can overclock it to make it up to 40% faster if you have the right type of flash card. When the game starts, try changing the speed option from slowest to slower or slow and see if the game starts ok. If it does then you're in luck :-)

Change log (10/02/08 r1):
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