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PuzzleBoy 1.10

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Puzzleboy is a puzzle game developed by maRk2512 where your goals is to overcome the few quirks of each level and reach the goal.

Change log (1.10):
..:: Puzzle Boy ::..
..:: V1.10
FIXED: Level 128 was not solveable - bug in original map! Thanks to redcontainer
..:: V1.09
FIXED: Level 120 was not solveable. Again thanks to redcontainer
..:: V1.08
FIXED: Level 110 was not solveable. Again thanks to redcontainer
..:: V1.07
FIXED: Level 91 corrupt due to error in map converter tool - Again thanx to redcontainer
..:: V1.06
FIXED: Bug in level 89. Thanx to redcontainer
..:: V1.05
FIXED: Level 76 was not solveable. Again thanks to mman3i
..:: V1.04
FIXED: Level 74 was not solveable. Thanks to mman3i
..:: v1.03
FIXED: "In your intro screen you can press "A" multiple times resulting in it fading out... again." - Thanks to M."Mr.Bug" Lucanius
FIXED: "Sometimes when you move away from your initial start spot, you can't go back over that spot." - Thanks to Deathstryker
..:: v1.02
FIXED: Missing confirmation box for "Restart map" and "Save + Quit" when you use the START and SELECT key. - Again thanks to M.Lucanius
- Added a autoave function. When you solve a map your progress will be automatically saved.
..:: v1.01
FIXED: "character tends to 'kick' a block with out moving into the previously occupied square." - Thanks to M.Lucanius
..:: v1.0 Release Version
- Change name from QuirkDS to PuzzleBoy
- Added endsequence
- Added music in mainmenu
- Added soundfx during game
- Added old-school cracktro
- New playersprites
- 5 new languages added (french, spanish, italian, dutch, swedish)
- All maps from Kwirk, A-mazing tater and PC-Engine Puzzle Boy included (136!)
- ...and a lot of small bug-fixes!
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