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Project: Legends DS-DSi DKP Test

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one of my favs, actually my favorite N64 game was Megaman 64, i didnt actually get the chance to play Megaman Legends 2 because it was only on PS1 & i didn't own one at the time. but since then there's been nothing on that series. Megaman Legends 1 & 2 ws released for PSP but what did we DS owners get? nothing... Now there developing Megaman legends 3 for 3DS. im very excited about this game. :D
heres my chance at bringing at least a little of that dash to DSi in a fan made tech demo.

Change log (DKP Test):
im testing something different out & wondering if you guys can give me a thumbs up or thumbs down on these roms.
the DKP stands for Devkit Pro, the other version i used Nitro Engine for dev, but these versions im using straight Devkit Pro/OpenGL. & MaxMod for sound.
the reason im looking into moving from nitro engine to just straight devkit pro is because nitro engine is starting to seem limited, no sound & devkit pro also it seems more open.
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